Angel Statues


According to various religions and mythologies, the symbolism of angels means various things.

in Judaism, angels are supernatural beings that appear throughout the Tanakh (Hebrew bible), rabbinic literature, Apocrypha, and traditional Jewish liturgy.

They are categorized in different hierarchies and act as messengers of God, angelic envoys, or general agents of god.

Angel statues for garden and outdoor.

having statues of angels in gardens and outdoor places serves as a means of beautification, perfect for spiritual media, and places visited by tourists.

Angel statues garden and outdoor

Some of the materials available to build or sculpt a statue of an angel are granite, silver, gray, bronze, marble, sandstone, and in some places they use gold-plated statues.

These sculptures have to be made with a very resistant material to all types of weather. because they are going to be outdoors.

Also, their sizes should be large so that people can notice the details of each sculpture.

Angel statues indoor for home décor.

The angel statues are mostly used in our home for beautification they also serve as a spiritual means of prayer.

Angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as a mediator between god or heaven and humanity.

Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings. they are categorized in different hierarchies and act as gods messengers, general agents, or angelic envoys of god.

Angels are sign of good fortune, hence their statues are brought home with beliefs, and signs of chasing out demons, creating awareness into the young one’s mind how angel look like, the work they do with their different color.

In some home or an office, placing the statue indicates the kind of prayers you make, benefits an individual praying have, and faith. statues are placed in an office or home for good luck, knowledge and wisdom, maternal bonds and others for fertility.

Angel statues are also kept in the kitchen and are used on an occasion. such occasion like in some of the churches denomination examples is the Catholic. it serves as a protection to people.

Angels as serving as good luck to those who see them, they convey information from god.

Also they are the seven spirits with seven colors (which are before the throne of God) and are in white and shining clothing’s called robe. that is the most reason why their statues are kept at home, in offices, vehicles.

Different colors of angels statues.

The color of the angel statue depends wholly on the taste of the believer, there are various colors and it meaning as well, for instance, we have seven colors representing seven angels. these colors are:

1-White Angel Statues

If an angel is a mold in white, then one should know they represent purity, as well as the harmony of holiness.

2-Red Angel Statues

A red angel statue represents wise service so that they could be offering you their wisdom.

3-Green Angel Statues

Whenever you see a green angel statues, it stand for prosperity and healing.

4-Blue Angel Statues

The blue angel statues represents power, protection, courage, strength, and faith.

5-Yellow Angel Statues

Known as an angel of beautiful thoughts it represents wisdom for decisions.

6-Pink Angel Statues

This statues colored pink represents love and peace in relationships.

7-Purple Angel Statues

Representing mercy and transformation. also, serve as an angel of mercy. all these colors for angels are based on seven light rays, which could be based on the rainbows or sunlight.

Different material of angel statues.

The materials used in angel statues are diverse, changing throughout history.

Different material angel statues

The classic materials, with outstanding durability, are metal, especially bronze, stone, and pottery, with wood, glass, porcelain, polyresin, ceramic, crystal, bone, and antlerless durable but cheaper options.

Angel statues are made up of resin and plastic material but have a rich and textured stone appearance that makes it look realistic and concrete.

Angel statues for sale.

Angel statues can be bought from different forms of online shopping portal such as.  few of the popular brands are Enesco, pavilion, darby angels, hallmark variety.

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