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What Is a Totem Pole?

Totem poles are artistic carvings consisting of pillars or post, that are carved with figures or symbols. They are mostly made from large trees, a very popular one is the…

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Lion Statues and figurines

Lion Statues

Lion statues are imagery of lion made of different materials, Some are designed from bronze, while others are made of expensive materials including silver and gold. The reasons behind having…

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Rooster Statues and figurines

Rooster Statue

Signifies quite a lot depending on the society it is placed in. there are several religious and spiritual beliefs. Since antiquity, the rooster is one of many sacred animal in…

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Elephant Statues

According to various religions and mythologies, the symbolism of elephants means various things. In Buddhism, elephants are seen as an earthly manifestation of the qualities embodied in the Buddha himself,…

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